Friday, September 28, 2012

Double Whammy: Zulu Pearls & Rosco Bandana

Just in time for the infamous Indian Summer No Heroes No Honeymoons the first record from Zulu Pearls is a modern blend of surf rock and easy listening and is out now on Cantora Records. 

(Zulu Pearls video for title track:  No Heroes No Honeymoons)

 Hard Rock Record's first signed band Rosco Bandana's debut album is also available now. With lead vocals that sound like Bob Dylan and a Tennessee twang , Time To Begin is a refreshing end of summer soundtrack.  

(Rosco Bandana video for title track: Time To Begin )


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Luvin' Lemon from the Sweet Treat Stop Artisan Cupcake Truck

I couldn't withstand the temptation of the Artisan Cupcake Truck in Oakland as I walked back to the office after lunch yesterday afternoon, those big colorful cupcakes were calling my name and I had to answer. 

With summer technically over and dosed in afternoon sunshine I decided on Luvin' Lemon which was served with a fork as I'm sure all of the over-sized cupcakes from the Sweet Treat Stop are. 
 The first forkful delivered a mouthful of  cake and lemon Swiss buttercream frosting while my second bite included some of the lemon curd filling from the center of the colossal cupcake.
Referring to my picture of the description confirmed that the cake itself was indeed lemon flavored: it's lemon zestiness is minimal compared to the rest of it's lemoniness and though the cake was moist I do not think that it is moist enough to be included in the description. 
The lemon Swiss buttercream frosting was light, whipped and airy, perfect for a sunny afternoon while the lemon curd center took the cake of this lemon flavored cupcake. 
As the sugar bumble bee topper melted into a sugary goodness in my mouth I wondered how my lemon cupcake aficionado friend would weigh in on this cupcake from the Sweet Treat Stop. . . I think she'd say that the Luvin' Lemon is good but it's not the best.

Monday, September 24, 2012

MNDR: Feed Me Diamonds...thank you!

The artist named MNDR may be the inspiration behind the title  of Madame Madonna's 2012 release MDNA, nonetheless;  don't let these blonde anagrammatists confuse you. . . 

Feed Me Diamonds, the debut album from the SF native turned NYC socialite MNDR recently hit the scene featuring the introspective, self-proscribing track I Go Away along with the refurbished rendition of disco-club-hopping anthem U.B.C.L. (previously titled C.L.U.B) from the introductory 2010  EP E.P.E.

The kaleidoscope of restless rebellion and self examination are heard throughout the album yet are highly accentuated on the danceable  Faster Horses, the synth/heart heavy Burning Hearts, the sparkly title track Feed Me Diamonds and the elctro-fun femme fatale track #1 In Heaven

If you've ever been down and out with heart-broken blues, a case of the mean reds ,or struggled to keep a float during the transition from adolescence to adulthood this elecrto-pop debut with New York Club undertones from MNDR is a funky, soulful, uplifting reminder that you are not the only one. Stay golden.

If you're based in the Bay Area be sure to see MNDR live at The Rickshaw Stop on October 22nd! 
Now that's rich!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FIDLAR opens for The Hives

Rampid with comparisons to the likes of Jack White, The Pixies and Wavves it's no wonder that the enthusiastic, hyper-surf, punky, garage rock band FIDLAR opened for The Hives at The Fox Theater!

 FIDLAR's  40 minute set started off with the track Cheap Beer: "it's a song about drinking cheap beer!" explained Zac Carper, the band's lead vocalist. Continuing on FIDLAR played songs with self-describing titles such as: Stoked & Broke, Wake, Bake, Skate and Max Can't Surf I wasn't surprised to see that Carper's energy conjured mosh pits in the crowd through out FIDLAR'S set. 


Consisting mostly of tracks form their 2011 EP Diydui and 2012's Don't Try EP FIDLAR did an energetic, up-tempo rendition of the Creedence Clearwater classic, Stuck in Lodi which had audience members singing along. Wrapping up their set in punk fashion, FIDLAR welcomed The Hives to the stage with the proclamation "we grew up on that shit!" before kicking off their shoes and exiting the stage.

FIDLAR is fun to listen to and even more fun to see live, just like The Hives are! 
Great bill, good night.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sanctuaries. Not Guilty.

The ageless style in Sanctuaries,Not Guilty, wit-fully infuses sounds from the 60's and indie infulences from the 90's on this beautifully produced eight track EP.

The New York based four piece band worked with fellow artists including: Dinowalrus, Ava Luna's Felicia Douglass, BILO, Erik Gundel and Bedouin Tea City Center who's remixes and contributions are featured on Not Guilty which is available now!