Thursday, February 26, 2015

Congrats! Strawberries & Champagne Funfetti Cupcakes to Celebrate!

I recently got a third job, it's crazy I know but hey a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. I'm very excited about my new gig because I am finally back on my music/marketing career path! To celebrate, I baked a batch of  Strawberries and Champagne Cupcakes. 

Finding a Champagne Cake recipe was easier than I thought it would be, just replace the water that the recipe calls for with Champagne, it's a piece of cake! Being that I'm pressed for time and not opposed to saving a few dimes I went the store bought route. I chose funfetti cake and frosting because confetti comes to mind when I think of celebrations and wishing congratulations, so this cake flavor version of confetti was perfect!

I followed the egg-white recipe on the back of the box, replacing the 1 and 1/4 cups of water with 1 and 1/4 cups of pink Dreamstone Champagne. It was funny to see and hear the batter fizz when I mixed in the bubbly! 

 Once the cupcakes were in oven it was time to prepare  the fresh strawberry frosting. First of all, Funfetti frosting isn't like it used to be with the little circles of colorful waxy sugar in it, maybe that was Confetti frosting, I'm not sure. Now, Funfetti frosting is plain vanilla frosting that comes with rainbow colored sprinkles to sprinkle on top of cupcakes once they are frosted. Anyway, I scooped all of the frosting into a bowl, washed and cut seven medium sized strawberries then used a fork to mash and stir them into the frosting.

The juice from the strawberries made the frosting runny, almost like yogurt, so I popped it in the fridge to firm it up a bit. It was still pretty runny,by the time the cupcakes were ready more like a fresh strawberry icing . I carefully iced the cupcakes and got them in the fridge quick so the icing wouldn't drip!

The Champagne made the  consistency of the funfetti cake more bouncy or chewy like an angle food cake or sponge cake not fluffy or moist like some cupcakes tend to be. Otherwise it was  a standard white cake with colorful spots throughout it. The fresh strawberry frosting, turned icing was super sweet and the chunks of strawberries made this cupcake so to say. I usually prefer fresh cupcakes but in this case the fact that these Strawberries & Champagne Funfetti Cupcakes had to be served chilled played well for the flavor because bubbly should always be put on ice!

Cheers to new adventures and starting new chapters in life! 

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