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OK Go @ The Warfield 3/21/2015

The Warfield  welcomed two L.A based bands on Saturday night: the psych-pop band White Arrows opened for post-punk Pop Powerhouse OK Go.

OK Go @ The Warfield 3/21/2015
Photo by: Marc Fong

The on going  tour in support their 2014 sophomore LP, In Bardo found the modern trip-indie up and comers, White Arrows on the road with OK Go this Spring. Dressed in white from head to toe, front-man Mickey Church set himself apart from his 3, dark garb  band-mates and all eyes were on him as show goers got to the venue. 

White Arrows @ The Warfield 3/21/2015 
Photo by: Marc Fong
Usually quirky and outspoken, the singer was rather reserved keeping banter short yet plentiful with thank yous to their SF fans and the headlining band. Timid stage presence aside, White Arrows sounded solid and called it a wrap with guitarist Paul Caballero harmonizing on the catchy track, "City Boi". Before exiting, Church asked if everyone was excited to see OK Go and the crowd confirmed they were with cheerful applause. 

OK Go @ The Warfield 3/21/2015 
Photo by: Marc Fong
OK Go had fans up in the balcony on their feet as soon as they hit the stage behind a sheer projector screen which fell as the first song ended. The happy go lucky band really loves interacting with their fans and they did not waste anytime getting friendly with them. Between every song, if Kulash wasn't he carrying on with lots of chatty banter his right-hand man, Nordwin asked the crowd questions in  goodhearted attempts at quick Q&A's. 

The party really got going when confetti cannons showered the crowd during the second song, "You're So Damn Hot", happy fans smiled and danced as the band fed off the positive energy. The immensely engaging show included songs from all four of their albums, including a stripped down version of "There's A Fire", an acoustic solo of "Last Leaf" performed from the crowd and a cover of Led Zepplin's "Black Dog".

OK Go @ The Warfield 3/21/2015 
Photo by: Marc Fong
Lifting spirits with fun pop songs, OK Go is playful on stage as well, visibly having fun with each other as they played. Their colorful over the top antics, make for an interesting rock show.

OK Go @ The Warfield 3/21/2015 
Photo by: Marc Fong

OK Go @ The Warfield 3/21/2015 
Photo by: Marc Fong

OK Go is on tour until early May with a grande tour finale hometown show in LA! 

White Arrows set-list 3/21/2015
1)Leaving It Alone
2) Coming Or Going 
3) Can't Stop Now
4) Nobody Cares 
5) We Can't Ever Die
6) Get Gone
7) City Boi 

OK Go set-list 3/21/2015 
1) Upside Down & Inside Out 
2) You're So Damn Hot 
3) The Writings on The Wall 
4) I want You So Bad I Can't Breathe 
5) Obsession
6) This Too Shall Pass
7) There's A Fire 
8) Last Leaf
9) Needing/Getting
10) I'm Not Through 
11) Get Over It 
12) The One Moment
13) Do What You Want 
14) Black Dog 
15) Turn Up The Radio 

1) Fake It 
2) A Million Ways 
3) White Knuckles 
4) I Won't Let You Down 
5) Here it Goes Again 

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