Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cut Copy DJ Set at Mezzanine 7/18/2015

Two of the four members of  Cut Copy, the indietronica/new wave/dance-punk band from Melbourne Australia, set fourth on their very first DJ tour this summer. Their live sets are Festival staples and have been greatly favored by fest-goers for years but this tour in particular has been a long time coming according to the band's founder, Dan Whitford. 

Cut Copy @ Mezzanine 7/18/2015
Photo by Nikki DeMartini

He and Tim Hoey (vocalist/keyboardist/ guitarist and guitarist respectively) shared the stage behind turntables at 13 club shows spanning from Texas to California. The grande finale took place last weekend in San Francisco and the dance floor at the Mezzanine was near capacity when the two band-mates started spinning around 12:30am. 

Cut Copy @ Mezzanine 7/18/2015 
Photo by Nikki DeMartini

All of the DJ sets took place ground level stage left of the curtained off main stage Saturday night, really giving the show a fun clubby feel. I've been to many shows here but this was a first for me; seeing a show set up that way at Mezzanine and it was neat to experience the headlining artists like that!
As fans danced to the groove-alicious beats and fluid flows they could get up close to the guys from Cut Copy if they were able to weave their way through the dance party. Nothing from their beloved album, Ghost Colors was spun but they still spread fun through out the venue with their much sought after, bright, creatively lofty remixes. 

Cut Copy @ Mezzanine 7/18/2015 
Photo by Nikki DeMartini

The Aussies are re-grouping in September to hit the road as a whole for a few live shows here in the states! 
September 17th: The Rialto Theatre - Tucson, AZ
September 18th: TBD Festival - Sacramento, CA
September 20th: Mad Decent Block Party - Los Angeles, CA

"We've always DJed as long as the band has been around and club culture is an important part of what Cut Copy is about"
 - Dan Whitford 

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