Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Susie "Cup-Cakes"

When a friend of mine stopped into SusieCakes on Chestnut Street in San Francisco to pick-up a cake for a Birthday Picnic we were heading to, I couldn't resist getting mini-cupcakes for us. SusieCakes is an all American, homestyle bakery and all of their classic treats are made entirely from scratch! They have a few locations in NorCal and a few in SoCal too! The store fronts are super cute with an old-fashioned neighborhood experience. 

I am a sucker for the color seafoam and on that warm, sun filled Sunday I treated us to a little vanilla cupcake with seafoam colored, vanilla flavored frosting. All of the mini-cupcake flavors were also available in standard cupcake size but we were going to eat cake later, therefore mini-cupcakes were just right this time! 

The staff was attentive, friendly and really knowledgeable about what the store was offering that day as well as everything on the menu.
I was asked if I wanted to eat them there or to go, I opted to get my order to go, then went to the cash register to pay without knowing the price because there no prices displayed in the store. The total for two mini-cupcakes came out to around $4.50 which was more than I thought two mini-cupcakes would cost ($2.25 each) but it was a special occasion and I don't get a mini-cupcake from Susie Cakes everyday.

The vanilla cake was fresh and vanilla frosting was so exceptionally fresh that it practically melted on my lips! The dollop of frosting was a little sweeter than the subtle sweetness of the vanilla cake it topped and while the cake wasn't super moist or fluffy the frosting was rich yet light, rounding out the cupcake well. It was rather refreshing for a cupcake! I probably could have eaten the whole mini-cupcake in one bite but I didn't and I still had room for a piece of Birthday Cake later that day! 

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