Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rock N Roll Scream Queens

There's no doubt about it, I'm a rock N roll girl at heart and the louder it is, the better!
 As a girl in a man's world  it's truly inspiring when female lead singers in the male dominate rock genre aren't afraid to let out a good, deep scream or growl. 
With Halloween right around the corner, I'm dedicating this blog post to my favorite, badass, rock N roll scream queens.

Alison Mosshart of The Kills @ Outside Lands 2012
Photo by Marc Fong

Alison Mosshart of The Dead Weather @ The Warfield 2010
Photo by Marc Fong 

From garage indie-rock duo, The Kills to the bluesy/psychey alt-garage rock supergroup The Dead Weather, front lady Alison Mosshart rocks hard! Don't let her slim stature and reserved demeanor off stage trick you because the way this chick wails is quite a treat!

Fluctuation in pitch, volume and the way she delivers lyrics characterize Mosshart's distinctive  vocal range  in both bands but more so in The Dead Weather.
2009 introduced us to her darker new sound with The Dead Weather's debut, Horehound and while there's no ignoring the domineering, brash  attitude that demands attention throughout the album, she really got comfortable with her new found voice on 2010's Sea of Cowards.
Stand out tracks from the albums which highlight her howling include: "60 Feet Tall", "Hang You From The Heavens", "New Pony", "Die By The Drop", "Gasoline" and "Jawbreaker".  She is a force to be reckoned with on stage and the rawness that Alison brings to every song live will blow your mind!
 It was worth the 5 year wait for The Dead Weather's third album, Dodge and Burn,released on September 25th. Now the wait begins to see the solid rock act's new material live and of course to see and hear Alison in action!

Sleigh Bells @ Treasure Island Music Fest 2013
Photo by Marc Fong 
Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss has a killer Bronx-ified Rock-a-billy style and a set of lungs that are as good as her looks. Her coarse vocals lace the band's bratty, rowdy, Noise Pop tracks before slapping you with solid, sometimes shrill, hollers as heard on "Riot Rhythm", "Infinity Guitars", "Demons", "Bitter Rivals" and "Sing Like A Wire" (to name a few).
New music from Sleigh Bells is likely heading our way soon! On June 18th Krauss thanked show goers for making ti to their set at the Northside Festival state, "next time we're on stage it will be with new music."

Sleigh Bells @ The Independent 5/30/2011
photo by Marc Fong 

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has wicked, signature style and. . . "grace". Gone are the days with her one of a kind band, guzzling bubbly then spewing it onto fans and deep throating her microphone  now that she's a mom but we'll always have the memories. Her edgy sound had dullified a bit since the 2003 YYY's breakout debut LP, Fever To Tell: the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack is lovely and so is her solo work but it's just not the same Karen O, ya know?

 Chalk full of yelling, screaming, grunting and groaning, Fever To Tell (more like Fever to Yell) doesn't come close to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP, Master.

Crystal Castles @ The Fox Theater 4/27/2013
photo by Marc Fong 

Alice Glass once led Canada's now dismembered Crystal Castles and though inaudible most of the time, the manic, house infused electropop duo remain one of my favorites from that genre.

Crystal Castles @ The Fox Theater 4/27/2013
photo by Marc Fong 

About every two years after their 2008 self titled debut they released an album and each one was riddled with Glass' piercing screeches. Thrashing around the stage as harsh strobe-lights blinded  dancing crowds, Crystal Castle's live shows were always intense ones and she always stole the show.

Halloween time is my favorite time of the year! Not only is the season changing, but there's treats in store, a reason to dress up in a costume and it's the month of "Roc-tober", which is a treat in itself if you enjoy going to shows! 
If you and your ghouls don't have Halloween plans get tickets to LIVE105's Scream Scene with Awolnation, Passion Pit and more October 29th & 30th at The Masonic OR Heartbreak Halloween with IAMSU!, Sage the Gemini and more on October 31st at The Warfield!
Happy hauntings! 

Being in a band you can wear whatever you want, it's like an excuse for Halloween everyday. 
- Gwen Stefani

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