Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Candicake Cupcakes

 My co-worker, who's a personal trainer, was just as surprised as I was when he got a special cupcake delivery from Candicake at work the other day! It was a pretty funny delivery for someone to get at a gym but great incentive to workout harder!
 I know about  Candicake because I follow them on Instagram. Their treats have some of the cutest presentation I've seen! I also know that there is a $25 minimum per order and that they don't have a storefront, therefore; I wasn't expecting to try Candicake anytime soon.
This was my lucky day! 

A dozen cupcakes from Candicake
Photo by Nikki DeMartini

The deep red color of the cake was a dead give away that one of the two flavors of the dozen cupcakes was Red Velvet topped with a plump dollop of what was most likely Cream Cheese frosting but the other flavor I wasn't so sure of. By the way it looked I was left to assume it was some version of chocolate. 

Cupcakes from Candicake
Photo by Nikki DeMartini

Based on the available flavors listed on the website my guess was that the later had to be Nutella Sweetheart or Banana Nutella or maybe Coconut cream chocolate. I couldn't be certain unless I tried it though, so I decided to indulge in the unknown. Per usual, I started with a small taste of the frosting which was light brown in color and surrounded the top of the cupcake in a cluster of little starbursts. (very decorative as mentioned).It's texture was super creamy. 

Cupcake from Candicake
Photo by Nikki DeMartini

It was super light yet buttery but not rich. It was also really sweet, not overly sweet and not really chocolately either.  There was a split second in my initial taste "test" when I thought there was hint of Nutella but as badly as I wanted it to be Nutella flavored my tastebuds could not be tricked! The cake had a nice dark chocolate color but that too fell short on the flavorful front. It was light and fluffy but like the frosting it seriously lacked flavor. 
Even though this Candicake cupcake didn't taste nearly as good as it looked, it did look real good! AND I still don't know what flavor it was! Maybe I chose one from the last batch off a seasonal menu? Maybe I should have gone with what's listed as their most popular flavor, Red time! 

Candicake still has some of the cutest cupcakes I've seen, so if that's what you're looking for place your order! They cater every and all parties, celebrations, etc! Deliveries in San Francisco, South San Francisco and Daly City are free! Now that's delicious! 

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