Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hello (peanut-butter) lover

My roommate works near SusieCakes and sometimes she brings home cupcakes to share which is really sweet of her. The last time she did, she brought home a box full of 9 different, delicious SusieCakes cupcakes to choose from! She told me the flavors of the ones I didn't know, but there were two right next to each other that she couldn't remember which was which: one was mocha and one was peanut-butter. 

Red velvet is her favorite from SusieCakes so she chose that cupcake and being a peanut-butter lover I chose  the one I thought was the peanut-butter cupcake: the one of the two cupcakes with the frosting that was more tan the "could be mocha"one, the one with the chocolate sprinkles. Either way it was going to be good! 

As soon as I tasted the frosting I knew it was indeed the peanut-butter cupcake! It was so thick and and flavorful! The ratio of peanut-butter to actual frosting has to be greater in this recipe because of how phenomenally peanut-buttery it is! Like a Reese's peanut-butter cup, chocolate is a perfect  match so of course it's great cake choice for this cupcake. The deep dark chocolate wasn't as rich it looked and that's a good thing! It would be an extreme overload if the cake was as intense as the frosting! It was dense and (dare I say) moist and just chocolatey enough. 

Some of Susiecakes' cupcakes are filled and as I slowly enjoyed my peanut-butter cupcake, I came to find-out it was filled with more delicious frosting! Some people like salty and some people like sweets and I deffinitely have a mean sweet tooth but I love me some salty snacks, too. This cupcake is great for when your taste-buds are being indecisive: the saltiness of the peanut-butter mixed with the sweetness of frosting satisfies both cravings. SusieCakes' could easily make a Crunchy Peanut-butter Cupcake option by adding some chopped up peanuts on top. Then they'd have a Crunchy Peanut-butter Cupcake and a Creamy Peanut-butter Cupcake! Did someone say yum?! 

If you're a peanut-butter lover like me, you have got to try Susiecakes' Peanut-butter Cupcake! They have locations in Marin, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Lafayette, San Carlos, Sacramento and Southern California. 

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