Friday, April 29, 2016

Wolf Alice open for CHVRCHES @ The Fox Theater 4/19/2016

The four, young Londoners of Wolf Alice headed up to the Bay Area between Coachella weekends To play two sold-out shows in a row on April 18th and 19th opening for CHVRCHES at The Fox Theater!

CHVRCHES@ The Fox Theater 4/19/2016
Photo by Marc Fong 
Wolf Alice @ The Fox Theater 4/19/2016
Photo by Marc Fong 

The stage stayed dim when they started their set at 8:00 on Tuesday night to a crowd smaller than I had anticipated for the popular up and comers. Setting the mood with an edgy guitar intro, they smoothly transitioned right into my favorite track off of their debut album, Your Loves Whore

Wolf Alice @ The Fox Theater 4/19/2016
Photo by Marc Fong 

Ellie Rowsell's rocking fierceness was surprisingly subdued as she strummed her guitar but the fire inside of her burned with intensity in her lush, roaring vocals. "You're a Germ", "Moaning Lisa Smile" and of course their hit single "Bros", had fans screaming and even lightly moshing while guitarist Joff Oddie's animated stage presence kept things light hearted in a sea of the band's raw emotions. 

Wolf Alice @ The Fox Theater 4/19/2016
Photo by Marc Fong 

Indie undertones dominated their predominately garage indie-rock sound at The Fox Theater and they seem to be coming into their own as far as being comfortable performing live but there is no denying that Wolf Alice rock! The venue was considerably more full by the time they said their final goodbye before exiting the stage, leaving a Fauxchella mood lingering in the air. 

Before going back down to the Polo Fields in Indio for the second weekend of Coachella, Wolf Alice graced the stage at The Greek Theater in Berkley, opening for The 1975 two days after their show in Oakland! After playing the Music Festival circuit all over the States this Summer, their tour continues over seas until September! 

Wolf Alice set-list 4/19/2016 
1. Intro 
2. Loves Your Whore 
3. You're a Germ 
4. 90 Mile Beach 
5. Lisbon 
6. Silk 
7. The Wonderwhy
8. Fluffy 
9. Giant Peach 
10. Moaning Lisa Smile 

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