Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Atlas Genius @ The Independent 8/30/2015

Two days after the release of their sophomore album, Inanimate Objects, Atlas Genius kicked off their North American Tour with a sold-out show at The Independent in San Francisco. Both openers, LA's The Shelters with their gritty rockabilly and Brooklyn's Dreamers with their dreampop grunge,  got about an hours worth of stage play as the cohort of show-goers filed into the already  crowded club.

Atlas Genius at The Independent 8/30/2015
Photo by Marc Fong 
There's a different energy felt at a sold-out show, a certain excitement that subconsciously permeates through the air.
Yes, people at any show are generally excited to see the bands, or band, that's why they're there but when a venue hits max capacity and you're among the people there who got a ticket in, that collective buzz of anticipation for an act is incomparable to shows that don't sell as well.That was the case Sunday night. Appropriately enough, Atlas Genius took to the stage as the Etta James classic, "At Last" played over the PA until they were ready to start.  The crowd perked up upon hearing the familiar, deep, hearty hooks of "Symptoms", off of  their first album When It Was Now and as the Aussie bred band's enthusiasm synced, they quickly clicked with fans. Frontman, Keith Jeffery was visibly, genuinely happy to be there, welcoming everyone with utmost sincerity, to the first show of the tour in support of their brand new album.

Atlas Genius at The Independent 8/30/2015 
Photo by Marc Fong 

Soft cheers rose as familiarity continued with bubbly, electro-rock melodies carrying  the sweetly somber undertones of "If So".
The crowd swayed as Keith's crooning washed over the harmonious blended beat and airy guitar hooks of the emotion strewn song and you could hear people sing along to the simple, pain-tinged chorus. The positive energy levels continued to rise as the set shifted to highlighting new material.

Exploring their alt-pop roots with lavish layers of keyboard soaked electro well balanced with bright drum riffs and cool guitar, Atlas Genius have refined their sound since their 2013 debut. Positively glowing, Keith's performance fully embodied their euphoric indietronica: beaming the entire night with a light-hearted pride and making fans swoon when he teetered on the corner edges of the stage. His brother Michael humbly held it down on drums and the effortless fluidity of the band as a whole accentuated the show's fresh vibe.

Atlas Genius at The Independent 8/30/2015 
Photo by Marc Fong 

Their sound has blossomed with a sparkly maturity and Atlas Genius is still every bit as enjoyable live as they've ever been!

SET LIST 8/30/2015 
If So
Friendly Apes
A Perfect End
Back Seat 
Centered On You 
Through the Glass 
Don't Make a Scene 
Spin Me Round (cover)
On A Day 
Friends with Enemies
Stone Mill 

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