Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sweet 16

Strawberries and Cream was a fitting cupcake flavor to celebrate my cousin's 16th birthday this summer! It was about $4.00 for a four pack of Rubicon Bakery cupcakes from Whole Foods. That's about $1.00 per cupcake, which is steal, especially for the booshie health food store!
Rubicon Bakery, is based in Richmond and exclusively makes these cupcakes for Whole Foods, so they're not just any, typical store bought cupcake, they're special.  My cousin might be young but she has a certain swanky, high-standard style making these specialty store bought cupcakes a good choice for her special day. 

Sweet Strawberry aroma seeped out of the packaging, tickling the air with a scent reminiscent of sugary Summer treats and a Sanrio Surprises store. The fragrant smell made my mouth water while en route to meet up with my family. 
The birthday girl had hardly finished eating dinner before she was ready for dessert and after singing Happy Birthday to her, my two cousins, my aunt and myself each enjoyed a cupcake. 

Rubicon Bakery handcrafts all of their baked goods with high quality, all natural ingredients and you can taste the difference between their cupcakes and other store bought cupcakes. 
The vanilla cake is buttery, not heavy and decadent but fluffy and fresh. Laced with Strawberry, the powder-pink, sweet buttercream frosting was creamy with the right amount of yummy flavoring. 

Deep inside the vanilla cake is a small portion of sweet whipped cream to complete the Strawberries and Cream flavor! I haven't had a frosting filled cupcake since having Hostess Cupcakes as an afternoon snack in middle school and the classic touch is a good one. I do have a substantial sweet tooth, so this amount of frosting wasn't too much for me. It might have been a bit too much for my cousin though seeing as she finished all but some of the Strawberry frosting which she left behind in the cupcake wrapper. 
Rubicon Bakery has 4 different flavors of their 4-Pack Cupcakes each season and being that the season is about to change so will the flavors offered at Whole Foods!  

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