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Rogue Wave @ The Independent 5/7/2016

It's been just about three years since  hearing anything from Oakland's acclaimed Indie band, Rogue Wave but on Saturday May 7th they returned to The Independent in support of their newly released 6th album, Delusions of Grand Fur.

Rogue Wave @ The Independent 5/7/2016
photo by Nikki DeMartini

Rogue Wave @ The Independent 5/7/2016
photo by Nikki DeMartini
After a stale opening set  from White Cloud, also from Oakland, show goers were more than ready for the headliners. Zach Schwartz (a.k.a Zach Rogue) was his usual very stoic self but the energy in the room perked up significantly when Rogue Wave hit the stage. They welcomed fans to their new, lighter, ambient sound with six songs off Delusions Of Grand Fur topping the set, including the lustrous track, "Ocean". The new tunes from their highly anticipated 6th album resonated sublimely with the crowd and the positive reaction made Schwartz glow, casting a sense of comfort across the venue. 

Though the layers of dreamy cerebral indie rock have been replaced with more synthy, ominous, new-wave melodies, the sound they're famous for is still present but it's more of an indie-rock feel now. Sparking applause when he mentioned that it was good to be back, the frontman segued into the first throw back of the night, "College" from Nightingale Floors, their 5th album. 

All of the components from the steadfast guitar, to dynamic keys and rolling drums were on point as the Bay Area native band played at least one song from each album in their catalogue. Energy in the room didn't dim at all as the band fed off their fan's high spirits. The three song en-core consisted of two songs from their 2nd album: "California" and "Publish My Love" as well as "Like I Needed" off their 3rd album.  The highlight of the night for me was getting tingles hearing them play the serenely romantic "Eyes" in the middle for the set. 

It was great homecoming show to welcome Rogue Wave back! 

 set-list 5/7/2016 
1. Take It Slow
2. Ocean 
3. Look At Me
4. Endless Supply 
5. College 
6. Salesman At The Day Parade 
7. Nourishment Nation
8. California Bride
9. What Is Left To Solve 
10. Memento Mori 
11. Lake Michigan 

1. California 
2. Like I Needed 
3. Publish My Love 

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