Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chelsea Wolfe at The Chapel 6/2/2016

Before hopping in the music fest circuit, ever mysterious, neo-folk, goth rocker Chelsea Wolfe played two shows at The Chapel in San Francisco's vivacious Mission District on June 1st and 2nd.

Chelsea Wolfe @ The Chapel June 2nd, 2016
photo by Nikki DeMartini

It's only been a few months since Chelsea Wolfe played at The Regency Ballroom but the shabby-chic venue, which was once a mortuary, couldn't have been a more fitting setting for her and her witchy ways. Fans lined the walls and flanked the balcony at Thursday night's sold-out show, murmuring lightly through out the opening set from duo, A Dead Forrest Index.

You probably wouldn't consider sleep paralysis a blessing in disguise but maybe you would if you were in Chelsea Wolfe's shoes. The 32 year old Sacramento native moved back home, away from the noisy streets of LA shortly after being diagnosed and the singer-songwriter was brought back to life.
Inspired by the silence that surrounded her in the woods and the sleep it offered, she wound up writing heavier, louder songs. Soon enough 2015's Abyss was born. Never far from darkness and metal, Chelsea Wolfe delves even deeper into those sounds on her 7th, most brooding album with looming guitar and ominous, sometimes androgynous vocals deeply rooted in booming, distorted industrial.

Chelsea Wolfe @ The Chapel June 2nd, 2016
photo by Nikki DeMartini

Like a breathe of fresh air, she graced the stage looking like a bohemian angel in an all white dress with flowing bell sleeves and a high, messy bun. Humming within realms of sweltering cymbals and electro-rock hooks, her soft yet stern voice carried an eerie tranquility which drifted up to the rafters and through the wooden structure of The Chapel. Powered by bold industrial beats and heavy instrumentals, newer tracks like "Carrion Flowers" and "Dragged Out" definitely sound more experimental than her older folk-metal fusion, especially live. She is as intriguing to watch as her music is to listen to, balancing between gentle and intimidating with a peaceful precision. Thursday night's set-list weighed more heavily on Abyss songs with a few pieces from Pain Is Beauty, Apokalypsis and The Grime and The Glow conjuring up a Chelsea Wolfe we use to know.
 All of her songs hauntingly romanticize all the feels and will leave you feeling all the feels.

Chelsea Wolfe will be at the Dark MoFo Festival June 17th, The Brutal Assault Festival August 10th, The Way Out Festival August 11th, The Rock Altitude Festival August 13th, Musica W Festival August 14th and FYF Fest in Los Angeles August 28th!

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