Thursday, June 9, 2016

VERITE @ The Rickshaw Stop 5/31/2016

Reveling in all the praises surrounding her 3rd EP,  Living EP out on May 6th, Verite took her show on the road! The 12 show North American Tour found her at The Rickshaw Stop in SF on Tuesday, May 31st before her final show date at the Echo in LA on Thursday, June 2nd.

VERITE @ The Rickshaw Stop 5/31/2016
photo by Nikki DeMartini
The room grew hot and uncomfortable, not unlike the young crowd who seemed to be cemented to the floor, only inching closer to the stage with each long minute before show time. Stage hands meticulously fine-tuned drums and synths on either side of the stage before disappearing then reappearing just to do it all over again. Heavy sighs of impatience turned into an awakening applause as the tall, 26 year old, blonde, singer-songwriter took center stage. Her coy demeanor quickly dissipated after crooning the title track off her debut EP,  Echo: offering a soft thank you and a gracious recognition of her first show ever in San Francisco which she painted with defiant F-bombs. The Brooklyn based "DIY" songstress broadened the scope of her sound on Living by collaborating with some prominent producers like Tim Anderson who previously worked with BANKS and Stefan Graslund who has worked with Charlie XCX. The result is a more consciously soulful, mature, alt-pop daze.  "Constant Crush", the smashing single off her latest EP was the first new song she played that Tuesday night and fans were not only familiar with it but they were fired up to see it live!

For an artist who only has EPs out, she played a pretty hefty set consisting of all 5 songs off of Living as well as some off her first two EPs.

VERITE @ The Rickshaw Stop 5/31/2016
photo by Nikki DeMartini

There's a striking strength in her vulnerability heard in her songs;  acknowledgement of a tinge of dull pain that never completely fades away, as anyone who's ever been heartbroken, led on our plagued by miss trust knows far too well. But, a midst the pulls of heartstrings, Verite's pop spin on that dark-indie gives us a sense that she's lighthearted about unfavorable circumstances. And she takes her music seriously, as witnessed on the Popscene stage as she guided from one mic to another and hopped on a synthesizer from time to time with a notable enthusiasm and focus. Though her brash potty mouth banter off-set her prestigious stage presence, it was the most fun-loving and real way to get to know the Verite behind the music.

VERITE @ The Rickshaw Stop 5/31/2016
photo by Nikki DeMartini

The contrast of her grainy, lo-tempo "bedroom" vocals with energizing guitar and layers of pop synth notes are a masterful dark-indie-pop blend. It all came together and sounded solid at the local club known for hosting breaking bands. After landing sets at SXSW, Lollapalooza and Firefly last year following her very first headlining tour, it will be interesting to see what Verite's next step is. One thing os for sure, this is one rising star you want to keep an eye on!

Press here to listen to Living on Spotify!

set list 5/31/2016

1. Echo 
2. Constant Crush 
3. Sentiment 
4. Colors
5. Underdressed
6. Rest 
7. Gesture 
8. Wasteland
9. Sober 
10. Strange Enough 
11. Living 
12. Weekend 

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