Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Boys Noize @ The Regency Ballroom 10/6/2016

Berlin based electronic music producer Alexander Ridha also known by his DJ name, Boys Noize returned to San Francisco last week with a headlining set at The Regency Ballroom.

Since his first U.S tour in 2012, Boys Noize has released two albums, 2015's Boys Noize presents Strictly Vol. 1and Mayday at the start of Summer 2016. And it seems that the Mayday DJ has been busy touring, too: he was just at 1015 Folsom on August 4th! His fans in SF are lucky because there aren't too many US shows on his tour but two months later Boys Noize was back!

Boys Noize at The Regency Ballroom 10/6/2016
photo by Nikki DeMartini

His set time kept getting pushed back later and later since there wasn't very many people there by 9:30pm but DJs Gia and Pilo kept people lurking in the shadows of the empty venue happy and dancing.
An hour behind schedule, a midst a cloud of fake fog and blinding white light, Boys Noize finally hit the stage! He looked small in middle of structure that looked like pipes outlined with a handful of red siren lights but his music was loud! You could feel the beats in your bones as the hard bass vibrated throughout the venue. It may have gotten started late but Boys Noize definitely brought the party to SF once again!

He's only got a few shows left in the US, check out when and where you can catch Boys Noize live here

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