Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Surfer Blood @ The Chapel 1/21/2018

Last February when Surfer Blood was on stage at The Chapel it was a few days after the release of their fourth studio album, Snowdonia. The album was Surfer Blood's first recording without guitarist Thomas Fekete and bassist Kevin Williams and it was the band's first tour with Michael McCleary and Lindsey Mills (both of which are also on that album). 

Surfer Blood @ The Chapel 1/21/2018
photo by Marc Fong

Less than a year later, Surfer Blood was back in the Mission District of San Francisco, playing the same stage at The Chapel on January 21st. A measurable crowd graciously gathered that Sunday night as Kid Trails and Terry Malts opened the show.  Surfer Blood hit the stage around ten o'clock with a notable higher frequency than the last time they played there. Seeing that last time SF fans saw them play in the Bay, the remaining original band-mates, JP and Tyler were undoubtedly still processing the untimely loss of Thomas Fekete and the departure of Kevin Williams. It was also the then newly formed quartet's first time on tour together as Surfer Blood. They've had time to grow as a band and bond since then and it sure does show.  

Surfer Blood @ The Chapel 1/21/2018
photo by Marc Fong 

Surfer Blood @ The Chapel 1/21/2018
photo by Marc Fong

Frontman JP was almost giddy as he personably interacted with the crowd as well as with bassist Lindsey as they played. Last time they were here you could sense that Surfer Blood was still feeling each other out but this time around the atmosphere was light and laid back. The re-formed Surfer Blood has found their groove on stage in a year's time. 

Washed out by indigo and emerald hues,  JP and Lindsey carried us away amidst their compassionate jamming while down-to-earth surfer-rock prevailed, whether on the surface or with underlying tones throughout the set. 
Their 13 song set-list weighed heavier on Astro Coast, Surfer Blood's 2010 debut including what JP deemed his favorite song, one he wrote when he was 15, "Take It Easy".  

Surfer Blood @ The Chapel 1/21/2018 
photo by Marc Fong 

Their delightfully charismatic show at The Chapel a few weeks ago was friendly reminder that you can (and will) get by with a little help from your friends. Fans set forth into the week ahead, the last of the first month of 2018, a little lighter after spending that Sunday night with Surfer Blood. 

set-list 1/21/2018

1. Neighbor Riffs
2. Frozen
3. Fast Jaborni
4.  Feast - Famine
5. Weird Shapes
6. Six Flags in F or G
7. Take It Easy
8. Grand Inquisitor
9. Floating Vibes
10. Voyager Reprise
11. Matter of Time
12. Demon Dance
13. Anchorage  

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