Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines Records

When Valentine cards and candy hit store shelves at the end of January I felt like most when I saw the blinding assortments of reds and pinks: too soon *hard eye roll*. But, a few weeks ago I did come across some Valentines in Walgreens that I think are actually really cute. 

7" vinyls of single love songs in a Valentines Day appropriate sleeve. I'd never seen records packaged as Valentines like that and think it's such a fun and creative way to say Happy Valentines Day, especially to the music lover in your life. There was three to choose from that day I came across them: Respect by Aretha Franklin, Need You Tonight by INXS and Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. If you're out there doing some last minute bargain shopping for your Valentine today, keep an eye out for Valentines Records at Walgreens. Spread the love of music this Valentines Day, doesn't that sound good? 

There's a reason the song goes, "you spin me right round baby round round, like a record baby right round, round round." 

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