Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Cupcakes from Mazetti's

Mazetti's Bakery in Pacifica was bustling with customers picking and placing pastry and coffee cake orders for Easter Sunday Brunch this weekend. I couldn't resist the cute Easter themed cupcakes I spotted while waiting in line and ended up leaving with 1 coffee cake (for Easter Brunch) and 2 Easter Cupcakes.
The cupcake that initially caught my eye was decorated to look like a little bunny jumping down a rabbit hole with his little feet and cotton tail sticking up! It was so cute! The crafty confectionists at Mezzetti's used white frosting , coconut shavings and pieces of sugar candy to make the top of the cupcake look like a little white bunny. The cake was chocolate and filled with a dollop of milk chocolate frosting which added to the overall richness of the chocolate flavor of the cake. 
The frosting was thick and sugary and the milk chocolate frosting filling and dash of coconut shavings were small touches that really dressed this simple cupcake up!
It made sense to get a carrot cupcake to go along with my bunny cupcake and the fact that it was the last one had me sold! The cake was a lot more golden than carrot cakes I've had in the past and my first bite reminded me more of fruit cake than carrot. There were raisins, chunks of walnuts and even some shreds of carrots in it and though I could see the spices through out it, I could hardly taste them. The classic cream cheese frosting was just as thick as the white frosting on the Bunny Cucpcake but not as sugary and suited the subtle carrot cupcake nicely.
If you like your carrot cake more on the cake side, rather than carrot and all the usual suspects that come with carrot cake, go with a Carrot Cake Cupcake Mazzetti's!
Eggs aren't the only things you can decorate for Easter! Both of these festive cupcakes would be great for any Easter basket! Hoppy Easter!

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