Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Royal Blood @ Slim's 4/14/2015

Between playing at both weekends of this year's Coachella, the British rock duo, Royal Blood played back to back sold-out shows at Slim's in San Francisco last week and tickets for both nights went quick!

There was a line outside well before doors opened and when they did, people  parked themselves right in front of the stage as soon as they got inside on Tuesday night. It was refreshing to see the turnout of fresh faced of teens, tweens, and even some kids  younger that waiting to see one of today's best rock N roll acts as the venue filed with fans of all ages. The L.A based band, Mini Mansions gave the crowd a solid set full of songs off their recently released sophomore album, The Great Pretenders before the Royal Blood took the stage a few minutes past 10:00. 

The two-man band utilized the whole stage with bassist/vocalist, Mike Kerr stage right, while Ben Thatcher held it down behind his drum kit across the way on stage left. Bright flashes of red, gold and blue saturated the dim, foggy stage as rough yet refined hard-blues rock rolled off it with a mesmerizing intensity. A serious stature characterized their stage presence but the performance did not lack enthusiasm. The bass pounding set included, "Figure it Out", "Ten Tonne Skeleton", "Loose Change" and "Little Monster" and an appropriate yet anticipated encore consisting of the first single   off of their 2014 self-titled debut LP, "Out of the Black".

Even though Metallica's drummer, Lars Ulrich joined the boys of Royal Blood on stage for the last song at Wednesday night's show, no one missed out on a remarkable rock show on Tuesday night!  

Royal Blood set-list 4/14/2015
1) Hole
2) Come On Over
3) You Can Be So Cruel 
4)Figure it Out 
5) Better Strangers
6) Little Monster
7) Blood Hands 
8) One Trick Pony
9) Careless 
10) Ten Tonne Skelton
11. Loose Change 
Out of the Black 

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