Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Debut EP from Iva Dawn: The Only One

At the ripe age of 18,Whitney Mower left the Mormon way of life in Utah to  mess around with music in Texas where she found her voice in the depths of creative writing.  She emerged recreated as Iva Dawn and early this Spring, the now 27 year old singer/songwriter released The Only One on the Austin indie label Triple Pop Records. Swimming in soft chords and graceful percussion her vocals croon sweet love induced songs on her 6 track debut EP. Her singing style whispers hints of Lana Del Rey while hybrid sounds of modern doo-whop and sixties surf-rock evoke a retro feel as she soulfully harmonizes with melodic hymns.

Introductory title track, "The Only One" greets us with rich, swirling guitar and playful inquisitive lyrics eluding to the possibility of jealousy before they are quickly brushed off as the tempo gives way to  the track's upbeat undertones. Iva has fun with the fact that she is not someone's only one, as the title suggests and that fun, flirty flare sets the mood for the rest of the EP. 

The mellow tempo is pretty consistent, picking up a bit on a the heavily surf-rock strewn "Laugh Until I Cry" and the very loungey sounding, "Officer".The overall vibe carries a pleasant aesthetic though sullen at times, like on the poignant track "Heavy": weighing in the most on the sadcore sound, Iva sorts through a flood of emotions in this beautifully heartbreaking song. It's beachy appeal and relatable lyrics makes for easy listening from start to finish on this indie-pop EP from Iva Dawn.

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