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MS MR @ Popscene 5/7/2015

MR MS @ Popscene May 7th, 2015 Photo by Carlos Rodriguez

Fans chatted about what color Lizzy's hair was the last time they saw MS MR live as the sold-out crowd waited for the show to start at Popscene last week.
Looking as svelte as ever  with long locks the color of a blazing fire, fish-nets, seriously short booty shorts and go-go boots, Miss Lizzy hit the stage with her signature smile as she and the band jumped right into the set with a brand new song, "Reckless". I couldn't help but wonder if the retro, light up prism-esque MS MR marquee behind them and the  heavy disco feel the new song delivered acted as innuendos to what's to come on their sophomore album due out this July.

MR MS @ Popscene May 7th, 2015 Photo by Carlos Rodriguez


Undoubtedly very receptive to the new highly dance-able track, the enamored crowd reacted even happier when the moody jam, "Fantasy" was qued next. Banter was kept short and sweet as it usually is at their shows as Max (also sporting longer locks these days) kept a cool demeanor  introducing almost every song, old and new. Songs from Secondhand Rapture were equally matched with debut tunes off of their next album and it was awesome to see them perform new material!
While the new songs  have more of a disco party vibe with a dance tempo, the unmistakable sound of 80's angst MS MR is known for is still there. I wouldn't be surprised if the second single off the up-coming album is "How Does It Feel" do to the fact that  Max directed fans (how) to sing the chorus along with them before playing it.

MR MS @ Popscene May 7th, 2015 Photo by Carlos Rodriguez
MR MS @ Popscene May 7th, 2015 Photo by Carlos Rodriguez

Fans filled the club with heartfelt boos when Lizzy announced a short 45 minutes into the set that the next song, "Painted" would be the last song of their set. Layered with emotion driven lyrics MS MR fans are use to ,the new single carries less of a doom gloom mood and more of dark dancey appeal on the instrumental end.

Before the band started their en core, Max announced that it was the leading lady's birthday and seeing as the band knows that she isn't big on sweets but loves pizza, Lizzy was given a slice of Birthday pizza as her SF fans sang "Happy Birthday" to her. After seeing MS MR a handful of times over the years all over this city, the last being last Spring at one of their two sold out shows at The Fillmore, being able to see MS MR at Popscene was really special.
MR MS @ Popscene May 7th, 2015 Photo by Carlos Rodriguez
Characterized by a truly charismatic air, MS MR generates a genuine connection with their fans at every show, there is no way you could see them perform and not be positively engaged from the start all the way through to the bitter sweet finish.
Now I am even more excited to hear the sophomore album from MS MR this summer!

MS MR set-list 5/7/2015
1) Reckless
2) Fantasy
3) No Guilt In Pleasure
4) Salty Sweet
5) Think Of You
6) Leave me Alone
7) How Does it Feel
8) Dark Doo-Wop
9) Painted
- Bones
- Hurricane

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