Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cupcake from Victoria Bakery

My friend Amy is so sweet, she totally surprised me by giving me a cupcake after we had dinner with my Aunts Molly and Teresa in Mill Valley. She handed me a little white box from Victoria Bakery and let me know that she thought it was Peanut Buttercup but wasn't sure what flavor it was. Of course I didn't care what flavor it was, I was simply touched by her gesture, plus it was a cupcake!

I had no idea that the famous Bakery from SF's North Beach had expanded until Amy told me that she got the cupcake from the Victoria Bakery location in Marin. With a heap of chocolate frosting atop a chocolate cake I could see that it was a Chocolate cupcake of some sort but wouldn't know what variation until I took my first bite. The white disc balancing on top of the frosting was creamy white chocolate, not fondant like I thought and should have been an indication of what flavor this cupcake was. My first bite was mostly frosting; velvety, chocolate butter-cream frosting and so much of it! It's chocolaty-ness was definitely decadent but it wasn't overwhelming. A couple more bites in I found that the fresh chocolate cake was filed with a sweet cream, like a Hostess Cupcake only way better! The cream filling wasn't as rich as the frosting, so I knew it wasn't butter-cream but it was really sweet and the dollop of it in the cupcake's center was a perfect amount. 

Victoria Bakery makes everything from scratch and if an ingredient isn't available in the U.S they import it from Italy so the original recipes that they've used for the last 100 years are never altered. Most of the goodies are baked daily and this is freshness you'll taste when you indulge in one of their cupcakes! 
It was really nice of Amy to give me a cupcake to cheer me up, it worked. I am so thankful to call these three beautiful, strong, inspiring, encouraging women my friends! 

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